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Brand NEW 18-125-11 Industrial Forklift Battery



  • electric forklift
  • electric pallet jack and other electric material handling equipment
  • renewable energy (solar, wind and etc.)
  • UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
  • locomotive

Brand NEW 18-125-11 Industrial Forklift Battery

  • 18-125-11 Industrial Forklift Battery, 36 Volt, 625 Ah (at 6 hr.)

    X (Length) 38.25 inches

    Y (Width) 13.75 inches

    Z (Height) 30.50 inches

    Weight (Wet) 1840 Lbs.


  • Compatible Forklift Models:

    • Barrett: RRT-130, RRT-134, RRT-140, RST-140, RST-150, OSB25, OSB30S, ORB35, ORB40, RR35, RCOS, RCOS3000
    • BTPrimeMover: OE30C, OE35, RR30, RR30B, RR30C, RR34, RR34B, RR40, RR40B, RR45, RR45B, RR45DR, RR45DRZ, RR45Z, RS40, RS40B, RS40C, RS50, RS50B, RRX35, RSX40, RTX35
    • Caterpillar: NOR 30P, EKS330P, ETR125D, ETR130, ETR225D, ETR230, ND2500, NR3000, NS3000, ETB130, ETB230, EC15KS, EC18KS, ETG230, ETG235, ES3000, ES3500
    • Clark: NPR17, NPR20, NSR22, NP15, NP20, ESM12, ESM2 12, ESX12, TMG12, TMG15S
    • Crown: 24RR, 25RD, 30RD, 30RS, 35RD, 35RR, 40RS, 45RR, 50RS, RD 3000-30, RS3520-40, RR5020-35, RD5020-30, RR5725-35, RC25, RC30, RC3020-30, RC5510-30, RC5515-30
    • Hyster: 30EA, 30EF, 30FA, 30FF, R30E, R30F, R30XM, R30XM2, R30XMF2, R30XMA, R30XMF, R30XMF2, R30XMA2, R30XM3, R30XMF3, R30XMA3, N30CA, N30CR, N40CA, N40CR, N50CA, N40EA, N50FA, N40ER, N40FR, N45FR, N25XMDR2, N30XMR, N40XMR, N50XMA2, N45ER, N50EA, N30ZDR, N30ZDRS, V35ZMU (SWB)
    • Hyundai: 10BOP, 18BRP-7, 20BRP-7
    • Komatsu: FR15S-1A, FR18S-2A, FR20S-1A, FR23S-1A, MPF15-1A
    • LindeKion: BRT35, BRT40
    • Mitsubishi: EDR13N, ESR15N, ESS15N, FBC15KS, FBC18KS, FBC15NS, FBC18NS
    • Nissan: OR 35, OR 40, RRN 35, RSN 40, RCOSN 30, OS 25S, OS 30S, OT 25S, OT 30S
    • Raymond: Model 21D, DR25TT, R30TN, R30TT, R35TT, R40TN, R40TT, S30TN, S30TT, S40TN, S40TT, EASI-R30TT(TN), EASI-R35TT, EASI-R40TT(TN), Model 21, Model 30, Model 31, 4150-C30, 4150-C30TT, 4150-C35TF, 4250-C30, 4250-C35TF, 4250-C35TT, EASI OPC 30TT, Model 160, Model 162, Model 5600, 5600
    • Toyota: 6BRU18, 6BSU20, 7BRU18, 7BSU20, 8BRU18
    • Yale: FS030BF, OS030BD, OS030BE, OS030BF, SS030BD, SS030BE, SS030BF, OS030BD, SS030BD, NDR030A, NR035, NR040A, NR045, NS035, NS040A, NS050A, NDR030AD, NDR030AE, NDR030DA, NDR030DB, NDR030EB, NR030EA, NR035AC, NR035AD, NR035AE, NR035DB, NR035EA, NR035EB, NR040AC, NR040AD, NR040AE, NR040DB, NR040EA, NR040EB, NR045AC, NR045AD, NR045AE, NS040AD, NS040AF, NS050AD, NS050AF, NS040AE, NS050AE
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