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Brand NEW 18-85-19 (b) Industrial Forklift Battery​​​​​​



  • electric forklift
  • electric pallet jack and other electric material handling equipment
  • renewable energy (solar, wind and etc.)
  • UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
  • locomotive

Brand NEW 18-85-19 (b) Industrial Forklift Battery

  • 18-85-19 (b)  Industrial Forklift Battery, 36 Volt, 765 Ah (at 6 hr.)

    X (Length) 35.38 inches

    Y (Width) 26.00 inches

    Z (Height) 23.50 inches

    Weight (Wet) 1990 Lbs.


  • Compatible Forklift Models:

    • Caterpillar: 2EC18, 2EC15, E3000, E3500, EC15K, EC18K, EC18KL, EC3000, EC3500, EC4000, EC 15, EC 18
    • Clark: EC500 100, EC500 120
    • DaewooDoosan: BC15S, BC15SC, BC18S, BC18SC, BC20SC
    • Hoist: E100, E120
    • Hyster: E25XL, E30XL, E35XL, E25XM2, E30XM2, E35XM2, E40XM2S, E30XN, E35XN, E40XN
    • Komatsu: FB15SH-7, FB15SHH-7, FB18SH-7, FB18SHH-7
    • Mitsubishi: FBC15
    • Nissan: E-2000, E-2500, E-3000, E-3500, E20, E20YEE, E25, E25YEE, E30, E35, PE20Y, PE25Y, PE30Y, PE30YEE, PE35Y, PE35YEE
    • Rico: SDEX-60, SDEX-80
    • TCM: FCB15A4, FCB15E3
    • Toyota: 2FBCA20, 2FBCA25, 5FBC18, 5FBC20, 5FBC25
    • Yale: ERC030AF, ERC030AG, ERC030AH, ERC030BG, ERC040AF, ERC040AG, ERC040AH, ERC040BG, ERC030VA, ERC035VA, ERC040VA
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