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Brand NEW 12-85-5 w/cover Industrial Forklift Battery



  • electric forklift
  • electric pallet jack and other electric material handling equipment
  • renewable energy (solar, wind and etc.)
  • UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
  • locomotive

Brand NEW 12-85-5 w/cover Industrial Forklift Battery

  • 12-85-5 w/c Industrial Forklift Battery, 24 Volt, 150 Ah (at 6 hr.)

    X (Length) 24.63 inches

    Y (Width) 6.38 inches

    Z (Height) 23.63 inches

    Weight (Wet) 349 Lbs.

  • Compatible Forklift Models:

    • BigJoe: WPT-45
    • BTPrimeMover: RMX65, RMX80
    • Caterpillar: NPS60
    • Clark: EWP45
    • Crown: PC, PE, PR, PW, TR, TW, TWR
    • Hyster: W40XT, GW40DL, GW60DL, W40Z
    • Komatsu: MWL18, MWL22-1A, MWE31-1A, MWE36-1A, MWL31-1A, MWL36-1A
    • LindeKion: BW40, BW40FL, BW60, BWR40, BWR60, BWR80, BW50
    • Raymond: Model 101, Model 101-TF40L, Model 110, Model 6210, Model 6210, RAS20, RAS25, RAS20, RAS25
    • Toyota: 7HBW23, 6BWS10, 6BWS13
    • Yale: MLW040, MLW060, MP030, MP030A, MP040A, MPB030, MPB030A, MPB040A, MPB040AC, MP040AC, MPB040AC, MPB040E, MSW020E
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