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Brand NEW 12-85-13 w/cover Industrial Forklift Battery



  • electric forklift
  • electric pallet jack and other electric material handling equipment
  • renewable energy (solar, wind and etc.)
  • UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
  • locomotive

Brand NEW 12-85-13 w/cover Industrial Forklift Battery

  • 12-85-13 w/c Industrial Forklift Battery, 24 Volt, 510 Ah (at 6 hr.)

    X (Length) 30.50 inches

    Y (Width) 13.00 inches

    Z (Height) 23.25 inches

    Weight (Wet) 941 Lbs.

  • Compatible Forklift Models:

    • Atlet: OPM100
    • Barrett: DG, DG-24, DG-24-D, SG, WSR-30, SGB200, SGB60, SGB80, UNICAR 140L, RET20, RET25, RET30, RST30, RST40, GRCSS25, GRCSS30, RCSS25, RCSS30, RSSS
    • BigJoe: PDC-30, PDC-40
    • BTPrimeMover: HT45, HT60, HT60W, HT80W, HX65, HX80, MX50, MX65, PE45, PE45R, PE60, PE60R, PE60W, PE80, RMX50, RX50, RX65, SN20, SN30, SN40, SR30, TE70, TT70, SC20, SC25, SC30, SC40, CSX20, CSX30, CSX40, WRX30, WSX30, WSX40, CMX60, CMX80, HMX50, HMX65, HMX80, RMX65, RMX80, TMX, OE15C
    • Caterpillar: NPP 60, NDC 100, NPC 60, NPV 60, NPC 80, NPV 80, NRP 30, NSP 30, NSP 40, WP6000L, WR6000, WR8000, ECR237, ECR327, ECR336, EJE225E, NPS60, NPS80
    • Clark: HWP60, HWP40, S20, S30, S40, SP20, SP30, ST20, ST30, ST40, PT7, HPC60, PC60, PTT7, HWP25, HWD25, HWD30, HWD36, HWD40, HWP30, P25, P30, PWD25, PWD30, PWD36, PWD40, CS15, CS20, CSP15, CST10, CST15, CST20, AGP 40, AGT 5, CTR, PWC30, PWC40, PWT, OP7, 30, NS300
    • Crown: 20W, 20WB, 20WR, 25WB, 30W, 30WA, 30WB, 30WR, 40W, 40WB, PC, PE, PR, PW, TR, TW, TWR, PC4500, PE4000, PE4500, PR4500, PW3520, 30SP36, SP3205-30, SP3405-30, SP3505-30, SH5540-40, SHR5540-35
    • Hyster: B40XL, B60XL, W40XL, W60XL, B35BP, B40BL, B60BL, C40BL, C60BL, T5B, W40BL, W60BL, W20XTA, W20XTR, W30XTR, W40XTA, B60ZAC, B80ZAC, W20XTC, W40XTC, W60XT, W80XT, B60XT, B80XT, C60XT2, C80XT2, GB60Z, GW40DL, GW60DL, B60Z, B80Z, C60Z, C80Z, T5Z, T7Z, W40ZC, W20ZR, W25ZC, W30ZA, W30ZC, W30ZR, W40ZA, W60Z, W80Z
    • Komatsu: MWE31-1A, MWE36-1A, MWL31-1A, MWL36-1A, MWH10C-1A, MWH15-1A, MWH15C-1A, MWH15R-1A, MWH20-1A, MWH20C-1A
    • LindeKion: BW40, BW60, BW80, BWR40, BWR60, BWR80, MTP-R, PAL-R, CB-W-20, CB-W-25, CB-W-30, CB-W-40, EFW30, EFW60, ERW40, GA-W, GA-WR, MT-R, MT-W, MT-WR, MTP-W, P-W, PAL-AR, PAL-RT40, PAL-RT60, PAL-RT80, PAL-W-SC, PAL-W-SS, PAL-W40, PAL-W60, PAL-W80, PAL-WR-4WE-35, PAL-WR40, PAL-WR60, PAL-WR80, PPT-RT, PPT-W, PPT-WR, S-W, SG-W, X-Tend-W-20, X-Tend-W-25D, X-Tend-W-30, X-Tend-W-40, EW60, EW80, EWR60, EWR80, ECR60, ECR80, ETR, GAW, GAWR, MTPW, MTW, MTWR, WC2013, WC3013, WC4013, WTT
    • Mitsubishi: NTT90TA, PLDM20AA, PLDM20BA, PLDM300BA, PLDM30AA, PMWR30, PMWR40, PMCR40, PMWS15, PMW30NL
    • Nissan: DGN-24, DGN-24D, RPB-60, RPB-80, RPN-60, RPN-80, SGB, SGN-1-24, SGN-1-24-D, SGN-1-24-D-F, SGN-1-24-F, SGN-200, SGN-24, SGN-24D, SGN-24DF, SGN-2HF, SGXN-60, SGXN-80, SHGN-1-24, SHGN-1-24-F, SHGN-24F, SHGN-29, SPB60, SPB80, SPN60, SPN-80, WC-30, WC-40, WCN-30, WCN-40, WPB-60, WPB-80, WPN-40, WPN-60, WPN-80, WRPN-40, WRPN-60, WRPN-80, WS-30, WS-40, WSN-30, WSN-40, WSRN-30, WRPN-40, WRPN-60, WRPN-80, WSN-30, WSN-40
    • Raymond: Model 19, Model 19-F60L (ELF), Model 19-F60L, Model 19 (ELF), Model 110, Model 111, Model 112, Model 112TM-FRE60L, Model 112TM-FRE80L, Model 113, Model 113TM-FRC60L, Model 113TM-FRC80L, Model 114, Model 114TM-TOW, 8400, 8500, 8600, Model 112XD, Model 113XD, Model 114XD, RSS30, RSS40, RWR300, RWS300, RWS400, RCS20, RCS30, RCS40
    • Rico: HLW-EX-20, PWH-EX-40, PWH-EX-60, HLR-EX, PLL-WR-EX-40, R-PT-R-EX, PLW-WR, R-LT-S, RJ-GT, R-TV-C, PRSS-40
    • Toyota: 6HBE30, 6HBE40, 6HBW30, 7HBW30, 8HBW30, 6TB50, 7TB50, 8TB50, 6BWC10, 6BWC15, 6BWC20, 6BWR15, 6BWS15, 6BWS20, 6WBC10
    • Yale: MCW020, MCW025, MCW030, MCW040, MCW025E, MCW030E, MCW035E, MCW040E, MRW020E, MRW030E, MSW020E, MSW030E, ME020, MS020, MS030, MS040, MSB020, MSB030, ML040, ML060, ML080, ML100, MP040, MP040HP, MP060, MP060HP, MP080, MP100, MLE040, MLE060, MLW040, MLW060, MPC040, MPC060, MPC060AD, MPC060E, MPC060LD, MPE040, MPE060, MPE060E, MPE080, MPE080E, MPW040, MPW060, MPW060E, MPW080, MPW080E, MPC060F, MPC080F, MTR005F, MTR007F, MPC060VG, MPC080VG, MTR005E, MTR007E, MPC080, MPC080AD, MPC080E, MPC080LD, MPE060LE, MPE080E, MPW060E, MPW060LE, MPW080E, MPE060VG, MPE080VG, MT, MTW, MTR TUG, RCL040, RCL060, RCP040, RCP060
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