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Brand NEW 12-125-17 Industrial Forklift Battery



  • electric forklift
  • electric pallet jack and other electric material handling equipment
  • renewable energy (solar, wind and etc.)
  • UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
  • locomotive

Brand NEW 12-125-17 Industrial Forklift Battery

  • 12-125-17 Industrial Forklift Battery, 24 Volt, 1000 Ah (at 6 hr.)

    X (Length) 38.38 inches

    Y (Width) 13.75 inches

    Z (Height) 30.50 inches

    Weight (Wet) 1624 Lbs.

  • Compatible Forklift Models:

    • Dekka: RRT-130, RRT-134, RRT-140, RST-140, RST-150, RRT-130, RRT-134, RRT-140, RST-140, RST-150, ORB35, ORB40, RC0S, RCOS3000, RCS01
    • BTPrimeMover: RR30, RR30B, RR30C, RR34, RR34B, RR40, RR40B, RR45, RR45B, RR45DR, RR45DRZ, RR45Z, RS40, RS40B, RS40C, RS50, RS50B, RR30B, RR34B, RR40, RR40B, RR45, RR45B, RR45DR, RR45DRZ, RR45Z, RS40, RS40B, RS40C, RS50, RS50B, RRX35, RSX40, RTX35
    • Caterpillar: NOR 30P, EKS230, EKS230P, ND2500, NR3000, NR3500, NR4000, NRDR25, NRDR30, NRR30, NRR35, NRR40, NS3000, NS4000, NRDR25, NRR30, NRR35, NRR40, ETR125D, ETR130, ETR135, ETR140, ETR225D, ETR230, ETR235, ETR340, ND2500, NR3000, NR3500, NR4000, NS3000, NS4000, NSR30, NSR40, ETB130, ETB140, ETB230, ETB340
    • Clark: NPR17, NPR20, NSR22
    • Crown: 25RR, 30RS, 35RR, 40RS, RR-3000-35, RR-3000-40, RS-3000-40, RS3510-40, 25RR, 30RS, 35RR, 40RS, RR-3000-40, RR3000-35, RS-3000-40, RS3510-40, RR5010-35, RR5010-40
    • Hyster: R30XMA, R30XMF, R30XMA2, R30XM3, R30XMF3, R30XMA3, N40EA, N50FA, N25XMDR2, N30XMR, N40XMR, N50XMA2, N35ZRS, N40ZRS
    • Komatsu: FR15S-1A, FR20S-1A, FR23S-1A
    • LindeKion: BRT35, BST40
    • Mitsubishi: FER3000LD, FER3000LD-15D, FER4000LD, FER4000LD-20D, EDR13N, EDR24, ESR15N, ESR18N, ESR20N, ESR24, ESS15N, ESS20N, ESS24, EOP15HN, EOP15N
    • Nissan: RCOSN 30
    • Raymond: EASI 24
    • Toyota: 6BRU18, 6BSU20, 7BRU18, 7BSU20, 8BRU18
    • Yale: RDF030G, FS015, OS025, OS030, FS030BF, OS030BC, OS030BE, OS030BF, SS030BC, SS030BE, SS030BF, OS030BD, SS030BD, NDR030A, NR035, NR040A, NS035, NS040A, NDR030AD, NDR030AE, NDR030DA, NDR030DB, NDR035DB, NDR040DB, NR035AC, NR035AD, NR035AE, NR040AC, NR040AD, NR040AE, NS040AD, NS040AF, NS040AE
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